Dr. Sherine Reno

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​Our Mission is to support patients with brain or spinal cord tumors in their communities through public awareness, education, grants and services; creating a better quality of life for patients and their families.

Rachael Blanchard, Secretary

I joined the Legacy Brain Foundation after losing a good friend to a brain tumor. Brandi was looking for a profession where she could help others, but unfortunately she didn't have the chance to make that happen. I volunteer my time on behalf of Brandi to help those in need.

Dr. Stark Vance, Founder

I am a medical oncologist in solo practice in Dallas, Texas. My patient M.L. Dubay and I co-authored 100 Questions and Answers about Brain Tumors, now available in a second edition. We also founded the Legacy Brain Foundation in 2006 to provide financial assistance to brain tumor patients and their families.

Dr. Townsend, President

When a personal friend and patient of mine was stricken with a rare brain tumor, I saw first hand how LBF was filling a need to provide assistance directly to the patients and families devastated by brain tumors. I enthusiastically accepted the offer to serve on the LBF Board and was greatly honored to be elected President of this great philanthropic team.

Susan Dupar, Philanthrophy Coordinator

Being on the board and a part of the Legacy Brain Foundation allows me to further my service in helping others and having a close friend and family member who had a brain tumor fuels the fire inside me to keep striving towards making a difference for those in the community who must go through this struggle. 


The Legacy Brain Foundation was founded by brain tumor patients, their family members, and their physicians. We saw a need in North Texas for an organization dedicated to raising awareness of brain and spinal cord (neurological) tumors, as well as how the diagnosis of one of these tumors affects the patient and their family. Several female patients noted the success of breast cancer organizations in raising awareness, supporting research, and pursuing a cure for breast cancer. The Ladies of Legacy organization was formed to fill the need that these women saw to aggressively pursue those same goals as they related to neurological tumors. While many of the initial programs and events targeted female patients, the board voted to enlarge the scope of the organization in 2007 to reach out to all brain and spinal cord tumor patients in North Texas.This led to the official formation of the Legacy Brain Foundation. While less common than breast cancer, so much so that they have gained designation as "orphan diseases", neurological tumors typically have a more devastating impact on the patient and their family. Some patients have significant neurological impairment, may require weeks or months of therapy, or may never be able to return to work due to the effects of the tumor or the treatments.  The implications of a diagnosis extend to caregivers, families, and friends as well and often have a much more profound effect on those individuals.Even with the encouraging medical advances of the last few years, patients diagnosed with a neurological tumor face an uncertain future.

Meet the board

Justin Decorey, Treasurer

After learning the foundation benefited the patient and their families; I realized how unique and needed this type of organization was. Having three close friends with brain cancer and seeing how this illness affects not only the patient, but also their entire families, I decided that I wanted to find a way to help. When a position on the Board opened up as Treasurer I quickly volunteered to join this amazing organization that helps “PEOPLE” with cancer. 


Our Vision is to create a legacy of love that will lead to a better quality of life for patients and their families now and in the future. We believe our foundation will raise public awareness of brain and spinal cord tumors in our community. It is our hope that this community of men, women, their children and families will reach out across our nation, sharing the LBF story to enable us to touch more and more lives affected by brain tumors and spinal cord tumors.